Look at What...

Kristoffer and JPea sent! This is an answer to my request for a model photo for the premeire listing of my soon to be unleashed upon the world sidesswipe! Bear ~ complete with upside down grandson ~ is modeling the Christmas present prototype. He sent a text message: two days with my sidesswipe and already I don't know how I lived without it. Talk about your testimonial. If you knew my Bear, you'd know Nathan Lane in the Birdcage he is not! Do not take this lightly, dear readers.

I know you NEED to see my scuppernut upright so here he is ~ a feast for your eyes. I plan to learn how to add a slideshow. Then you will see plenty of our little Beckett a.k.a scupps. I wish I could have the photos in here where I want then, but I remain befuddled about how these photos get placed in these entries. Blogger has a mind of its own. Oh well, there's always tamorrah... ciao and ox joon

It seems there's always tonight! Zuda to the rescue. My heroine. S.W.A.K.


It is late but I had to share some thing of what I did today. I started experimenting with fabric pinbacks and Tess is amazing. It is much more challenging - not easy at all, but I love it. Sharing my manatee set, which I think is one of my favorite things in a long time. I also made a Charlie Brown/Snoopy baseball fiasco set which I will post another day. For now, here is one of the Miles Davis photo group. I have some great close ups too. These are not listed yet, but I did list the heart board seen below and another from the Cindy series - All the Kings Horses! Good night All. Hope you enjoy these. ox joon


And so it goes...

I am learning every day. It's a slow process. At least, I would like it to be easier and much less time consuming. I have changed the look of my blog. It is a work in progress. But I do see some. That helps! How do you like the new look? We (Dust & I) cannot solve the mystery: How do you add an image to your profile? That will make me a happy blogger. I have completed my fourth etsy treasury, uploaded my first photos to flickr, and have continued creating and listing. Not as efficiently as I'd like! Evan's heart cutting boards are so gorgeous. I am very excited about them. Talk about accomplishment! I am loving that Tess! Oh! I almost forgot. I went through some old files and found some of my favorite quotes, family photos and early drawings that Scout did etc. I made a file so I will have them to scan and add here from time to time. In reading this entry I see I have accomplished much more than I feel I had. Writing is good for the soul. ciao! ox joon


etsy love

I have been busy organizing my crafting room and learning how to use adobe illustrator for my word buttons & magnets. Here is my first word button. It is not listed yet. We just got this far - ONE. :) I got the idea from all of us etsians being so in love with etsy and the significant others and family members that might need some reinforcement on where they stand. Yesterday I also listed new buttons - a Peanuts Gang set, and Scout's first original art ACEO. She's very excited. Hope you'll take a look in my etsy shop if this sounds like something(s) you'd like to see. Spurred on by the sale of his heart treasure box on etsy, Evan has started making his gorgeous heart cutting boards. Two sizes. Larger are tiger maple and smaller are cherry wood. He just finished up the first few. Photos and listing tomorrow!

Oh! I almost forgot. I snagged my third in a row treasury this afternoon. It's called
WWJDB? To see what that stands for and beautiful etsy offerings please rush right on over! ciao for now. ox joon


A LoVeLy Day ~ Agreed?

I took these photos early this morning. It is just beautiful out today. I snagged another treasury! It's here: Go Tootsie Go

It will be up until Saturday around 11:30 AM. I stayed up until midnight last night preparing it. It was fun, but 5 hours of sleep is not enough for me. I need a nap. I won an ACEO by being one of the first 5 to leave a comment on my new etsy friend, Artmixter's blog site. I can't wait to see it. Her art is amazing. Scout is on a roll with 'Tess', our new Tecre buttonmaker. Oh my do we love old Tess already. I just listed my first buttons & magnets yesterday and the magnets have already sold. (Thanks, Six!) This afternoon I almost lost that treasury opening while listing our first Cinderella series pins. How adorable are these? Scout & I will be listing more from that series along with some Peanuts Gang, Mermaids & the first Maven Haven offering. Stay tuned.

That's it for now. See you soon. Please leave a comment! You know I love mail. :) ox joon


Let's Start This Thing Off Right...

Welcome to my blog. I'm just going to jump in and write! It's a little tricky with Mr. Chippy snuggled next to me and his beagle ear floating about the corner of the keyboard. Today Dustin shared a digg.com treasure with us. I want to pass it along to you. Drum People I know you will enjoy it.

I snagged my first etsy treasury!!! My Cerulean Start. This is so exciting! Last, but not least, I want to thank my fabulous Dusty for all his hard work helping me get this blog and my website functioning. And to my family and new etsy friends, THANK YOU for everything. I pledge to entertain you all in some short measure as time goes by. ox madi joon