Tales From The Road

At times the 2000 mile
trip from Austin to Hanover
struck us as being this absurd.

Look above the center panels.
You can see Woodstock ! Vermont
...and Hanover & Etna NH
our final destination.

When we moved the 3000 miles
across the country from
Eugene OR to Hanover NH
in 1999, we were despaired
to know we were within 20 miles
of beautiful Niagara Falls.

So close and yet so far.

This time we snuck on up the road.
It was short & sweet.
But, as you can see by the smiles
we found it a wonderful idea.

No Scout on the trip TO.
One Mister Mister was on hand.

We loved that Chip was permitted
in the park. It's a lovely area.
And it was quite crowded.
But until we were on our way back
to the car we never saw another dog
so he was King for a Day.

Road Lesson: Beagles are rather irresistible.

Mom & Pop Motels
are fading into the sunset
at a sadly prodigious rate.
We lucked into one in
Bennington Vermont.

Apart from a dough head* neighbor
{and I use that term loosely}
who inconsiderately parked
in our space
{which, in this scenario, is part of the charming attraction of a motel}
it was a lovely experience all told.

*dough head used in honor of our dear N.E. codger, Hoss.

old school, baby

Right down the street from the motel...
I will never forget my complete spellbound awe.
It just doesn't get any better than this.

The wedding was perfect.
I'll write about it another day.
I know I've been remiss.
There's been a lot going on
here & I'm behind

But I miss it
and think about my dear readers
and I appreciate you all
and I have many post topics
and photos
in the joon queue.

Stay tuned.