~ Flannel Day ~

The Traditional Holiday Begins...

Thanks to Jon Cody, who made his own gorgeous bagels and sent us a glorious photo and the recipe, look how we celebrated the First Ever Flannel Day! Evan outdid himself. The only thing better is when Jon Cody, Val and Dusty come in February and we make another batch all together! I love that I have a 25 year old son who teaches himself how to make bagels. His can be seen HERE. Until next time... ox joon

PS. Oh, I invented Flannel Day today and it will be an annual holiday falling on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Such fun! Wear flannel. Get cozy (in flannel). Eat comfort foods (in flannel). Be a homebody (in flannel). Shop from home (in flannel). Bake (in flannel). Read (in flannel). Build a fire (in flannel). Watch a favorite movie (in flannel). Watch a cheesy holiday classic (in flannel). Your turn...add some Flannel Day Favs for us in the comments section. Go Flannel!


Sunday Drive...

...and look what I spied. We had to turn around to get back to this wonderful place. What a find. Can't wait to spend many more pleasant and delicious lunches here after future Sunday drives. Wishing you all the same. Happy Fall!


Hooray for the U.S.A.

I curated this Etsy treasury Monday evening. You can visit it HERE until Thursday afternoon.
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