To The Moon in Austin TeXaS

I wanted to be a space man. That's what I wanted to be.

On Father's Day, we visited the wonderful LBJ Museum for the first time.
It was Evan's afternoon. He LOVES the space program
and there's a traveling exhibit...
To The Moon: The American Space Program in the 1960's.
...here through July 20th.

a dream. vision. willpower.
competition. cooperation.
problem solving. creative thinking

Beat The Russians to the Moon ~ at home!

One of our favorites.

Scout took every photo here...

...except this one. :)

We loved finding these old phone booths.

Is that my space pen? I need that.

Of course we had to visit the museum gift shop.
They always have the coolest things, don't they?
I wish every store was like a museum gift shop.
We snagged this pen for Evan. Now I want one.

I must admit what I know about LBJ can be
safely stored on the head of a pin.
And formerly never inclined to give it much thought.
Until I cast my eyes upon this revelation.
The man loved his beagles.
I see research in my future.

Another adventure for the
wandering Wilkinson family.
We will return many times
and look forward to it.
{and it's FREE 364 days a year. shhhhh}

I hope every wonderful father had a wonderful Sunday.

ox joon


Celebrating Scout ~ June 08 1994 ♥

Scout's here!
{Jon Cody's wedding is just weeks away!}

Just weeks old, Scout takes a wet & wild family beach vacation.

No time to lose.
Thinking deep thoughts.

Hamming it up right from the start
with fun loving, sister loving, big brother, Dusty.

Age 3. Eugene, Oregon.

Broadway Bound visits Broadway at age 10.

N.Y.C. ~ No trip is complete without a ride on
Macy's wooden escalators...
all the way up to Santa Land,
another Big Apple treasured experience.

Scout and her new old friend at the Herald Square Hotel.
As adorable as he is, so is that entire hotel experience.
{It's the former Life Magazine Building.}

*To see Scout & her N.Y.C. Police
Horse Moment click HERE

Scout & her Fresh Air Friend, Sabrina,
always looked forward to their precious summer
weeks together. Here they rest on the way up
Mt. Cardigan near our home in Canaan, NH.
Of course, Chip always has to get in on the act.

Together, they made it.

Scout loved this spot on our mountainside.

She spent many hours happily engaged in her freethinking daydreams.

One of my favorite Scout characteristics ...
not only does she entertain delightful past times
but she appreciates them so that
she photographs them as well.
What a precious outlook on happiness to provide
for its preservation in your memory.

Dusty presented Scout with these gorgeous roses
in honor of her performance as Ernestine Gilbreath
in 'Cheaper By The Dozen'. I had the pleasure of
directing her and she was as radiant on stage as you see her here.

Scout decorated this plain fresh wreath by herself
using a $1 white elephant table bag of pretties.

This last summer, Scout was reunited with
her honorary brothers, Joe and Dan.
{And how great to combine this with
breakfast at the Waffle House?}
She's VERY excited to see them again in just
a few short weeks at Jon Cody's wedding.

♥ HaPpY 15th BiRtHDaY, Scout! ♥

ox Mama


Pretty Is As Tidy Does

Our Pending Paperage

Do you have a spot in your home where you stash the pending issues of a beloved family member whose name shall remain lovingly anonymous? And said Love Mystery Person's {LMP} conglomeration of pending issues papers multiplies more often than not? You don't want to put them in a drawer or in an out of sight place because, let's face it, the odds of it not turning into an entire new addition to your home are way too high. Not to mention how many unpleasant sorts ~ both paper and biped ~ might show up when pending became comfortably yellowed and cobwebbed over time. So there you have it. The theory is: LMP is faced with pile on a daily basis and therefore, more likely to tackle it. But I dream. Reality: LMP never notices the ever expanding pending pile. I wish I would say the same. Instead, it drives me bats.

We All Know I am Batty Enough

I looked at that pile once too often and decided it was time, once again, to save my senses with one of my super easy, super groovy solutions. I hesitated because I was busy and didn't want to spend time on an unplanned project. Luckily ~ you know I call it fate ~ I opened a folder and saw this magazine page. Loved it immediately and I had just received this fabric from my wonderful sister. A perfect match for the paper, which was a perfect compliment for the SHALOM candlestick.

Fifteen Minutes Later

All I had to do was fold the page in half ~ it is an extra large magazine page, which is nice. I measured, pressed, cut and pinked my fabric, sewed them onto the ends and viola'. A very nice improvement for no cost and just moments out of my day. The photo below shows the reverse. Of course, it can be used either way. The thread tails are a signature of my art. I feel like they extend my heart and creativity energy out into the universe with them. I also just think they are cool.

It's the Little Things

I make paper pockets for many uses. Why didn't I think of this long ago?

ox joon