A Little Idea That Turned Out Sweet

One of my short term storage solutions.
This works incredibly well.
If you have an art room the size of a closet
like I do, you should try this.
I wish I'd thought of it so much sooner.

Isn't it cute, too?

I LoVe finding justification
for my nutty passion
of saving vintage boxes.

Until next time...


PS. BIG NEWS in my next post. Stay tuned. :)



Hello Earthlings!
Here's my Etsy shop announcement:
Litterbug Success Tally UPDATE April 25: 191 + 377 = 568

Here are some facts:
Between Mar 17 and May 01
I have had 28 sales.
28 X 13 = 364
So we are well ahead of ourselves.

That's the way I like it.

* Talkin' Trash *

We have been out picking up litter on two
occasions. The first time Scout & I picked up
191 pieces in 40 minutes.
Pok-e-dometer {Pokemon} says she walked 2,971 steps.
Scout found one penny.

The second time, Evan joined us.
We picked up 377 pieces in 80 minutes. Ev guesses
we picked up about 5# total weight.
Pokemon says 3,730 steps.
Scout found one penny.

We have two bags,
one for trash, one for recycling.
As we pick something
up we call out its number.

Most of the litter ~ by far ~ is:
cigarette butts
The other top trashy items include:
beer cans * candy wrappers * fast food garbage

We've found some interesting litter.
Like remains from the city electric work
a small nerf type ball and way too many
little packets with a rock and ad inside
that some solicitors threw into everyone's
driveway months ago.

We've interacted with a few people.
Our favorite was a man who was playing with his dog
across a street from where we were.
He yelled out a sincere THANK YOU!
That was nice.

We saw some others
as we were picking
up cigarette butts out by the street
in front of their house.
Evan was told that the two houses
next to theirs had been empty
for quite a while.
We hadn't noticed any trash
in front of either empty house.
One of them jokingly offered
they could bring out more trash
if we needed it.
I merely replied that, thanks, we didn't.

We're enjoying cleaning up our
neighborhood. I'm very glad I
have this new policy. Litter has
always depressed me. It always will.
Even though this is a teeny tiny action,
it's still action. It helps. We'll keep going.

THaNK You All For Your Support!

Here are some of my latest ideas turned into reality.
The states bookmarks remind me of tea bags.
These were part of a flying housewife packet.
I love them
and will make more for my joonwalk shop.

This bookmark was a little something extra
I added to a recent order.

This is lovely Ev with one of Scout's lovely omelets.

What have you all been up to?

Thanks for dropping by. Until next time...