Surprises Always In Store For Us All

As the shortest day
of the year approaches,
I seem to be spending most
of each day endlessly thinking.

It is a reflective time of year.
Isn't it interesting how that works?
I mean how the various times and
environments affect us and bring
about innate behaviors?

This has been an exceptional
year in many ways.
Four months later,
I am still basking in the glow of
our New York City Adventure.

So.  That happened.

Scout's had a greatly succesful year.
We started volunteering at the
thrift shop. 
Made new friends.
Began attending the 
homeschool Monday group.
Made new friends.
Started dance.
Made new friends.

After almost two years
here in Austin we are
beginning to feel like it might be home.

Ironically more so since what we
believed to be our sense 
of security dissolved and,
because of that,
we are now at yet another new address.

Lucky for us, we've
got a ridiculous amount of
experience at this particular 
transitional experience.

Even though the settling in process
is slow going - as always -
and despite the unknown landscape
ahead, we seem to find the 
positive much more often than
the negatives realistically allow.

So much for reality.
Which, lately, seems more 
and more unreal.

But that's another topic entirely.

No idea where any day leads, 
but I have a flood of potential
options {or dreams} 
swirling through my head.

Forever, or so it seems,
I have been wanting to pursue too many
creative avenues to list.
I feel like some of them
are about to happen.

Scout is such an inspiration.

I have no idea how many
incredible illustrations she has
completed this year.
She started back at dance
and theater after a three year hiatus.
Applied for two summer programs and
attended the Acting Conservatory in NYC.
Began her American Sign Language Course.
Joined in the Holiday Workshop Show.
Started making dinner one night a week.
And always a thoughtful and 
creative plan researching and
making a new recipe.  

She completed her NaNoWriMo
50,000 word novel.
She did this in the same month we moved!
Now she's about one third of the way
through her next challenge -
the SketchBook Project.

These are just off the top of my head 
with only a spot of morning coffee in my system.

I feel like I have not
accomplished much at all.
But I know I have.
That blog post will
be along soon.

For now, I want to keep thinking ahead.
About which one of my dream*thinks
I will begin pursuing today.

And make it happen.

What thinks are you dreaming of fulfilling?