joonie dishes: Crusty Baguettes Recipe

I know it has been a lean month here on joonbeam.
I thought perhaps I might surprise you
& share a favorite recipe of mine.
These are so easy to make.
You can halve the recipe. I do that often.
However, they freeze perfectly.
So this time I made all four.

joonie's free & easy baguettes

3 cups very warm water
1 TBSP. dry yeast
1 TBSP. sugar
7 cups flour
I use King Arthur bread flour, but regular is fine.
1 TBSP. salt

Combine the first three ingredients in a fairly large bowl
& allow yeast to proof for about 5 minutes.

Add the flour & salt.
Mix well with a heavy spoon.
I use wooden.

DO NOT KNEAD. <--- Are you loving me now?

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
Set in warm place.
Do not fret ~ large temperature window here. :)

Allow dough to rise until it is 2 ~ 3 times its size.
{About 2 hours. Maybe 3.}

Now comes the fun part.

Heavily flour a board or counter.
And your hands.
I use the counter.
So easy.

Dump out the dough.
It will be sticky.

Using a sharp knife
{and I sprinkle a little flour on the dough}
divide it into four pieces.

Delicately shape into free form loaves
about 4" shorter than your liberally oiled
{I use Crisco shortening}
cookie sheet pans.

I used my smaller pans this time
so these baguettes are a little chubby.
You can make them narrow.
You can make rolls.
I put 2 to a pan.
Mine were cozy once they rose. :)

Cover lightly with a cotton towel.
Set aside until doubled.
About an hour.

Meanwhile, shortly before they are ready
preheat oven to 425*.
Use middle shelf.
{I baked mine on two shelves & switched them half way through.}

Bake about 20 minutes or until crusty & brown.
{I left these a little light because I knew we'd be freezing them & reheating.}
Cool on wire rack.

These warm up beautifully at 350* for 5-10 minutes.

I wish I had a photo of their interiors.
They're like angel clouds.
It was really late & I was lucky to grab these shots
before the sun disappeared.

And let's face it,
once Evan sees fresh hot baguettes
he is not a willing or able
photo shoot accomplice.

You may find yourself
in a very similar frame of mind
when you triumphantly escort
your own lovely, crusty baguettes
from your oven
and introduce them
to your loved ones.

Please come back
and tell me all about yours!

ox joon


Peace Coffee

How it all began...

Naturally, it started in a
convoluted way. I was looking through
one of my recycled, free
magazines I'd found on the donation
table at the library.
I saw this turtle in an ad
and just
had to make a button.
But when I pressed the final one
in that day's little batch, my
peace turtle was missing.

I was so disappointed.
It was my favorite
I looked everywhere.

If you could see
my current
art room space
you'd know that's an easy look.

I decided two circles must have clung together
and my image was now
lost ~ permanently sealed
underneath another image.

I would have to take up
one of my missions ...
'throwing an eye'
in hopes of finding
another ad one day.

brown paper packages

A few days later while I was
involved in another escapade,
I glanced down and to my
surprised delight...there was
my adorable circle.
It was a sign.
I immediately pressed the button.

I wanted it for Evan.

He loves coffee and always searches
for both organic and fair trade
so I knew he would be excited

to investigate this website.
Besides, added bonus ~
bicycles were involved.

100% Fair Trade

Boy did he love the site.
We promptly placed
ordering on our wish list.
Sneaky wife that I am, however,
I cheated.
I took the first opportunity
~ his birthday ~
to secretly order our first

And I must add:
The coffee is roasted per order.
I mentioned Evan's impending
birthday date
and the wonderful people
there considered that.

the goods...

I love finding packages on
my porch, but you can also
search the peace coffee site
to see if you are lucky

enough to find peace coffee
in your area.

little extras are extra groovy

Aside from the delicious coffee there's
peace gear
& tea.

Evan had admired
their water bottle for his bike rides.
I included one in my first order.

He loves it.

heed this warning...

Did I say first order?
Yes, I did.
These photos are order #2.

if you love coffee...

I have another story.
In 1984 I went on
an unusual
{as in rare, as in only ... ever}

getaway to Guaymas, Mexico.
Seriously, the most
remarkable memory
of those 3 days was
the unbelievably delicious coffee
served at our hotel.

I have been talking about,
searching, and pining away for
that coffee ever since.
Evan's birthday was also a
treat for me because I
have found my dream coffee.
I ordered others for Evan
but he loves it, too.
This time we ordered 2 pounds of it.

variety is the spice of life...

I know Evan.
He will try something
new & different
with each order.

We know he won't be disappointed.

company history here

I had to dedicate a feature
to our wonderful find.

My blog posts
are all about sharing my
family, fun, good food
eco friendly happiness.

Peace Coffee
fits every category.

If you are a peace coffee
customer, please share your
experience with a comment.

If you purchase peace coffee
based on this feature,
please come back
and let me know
how much more you
love me now than before.

ox joon


Return to Me ~ A Treasure

Return to Me

We recently saw this Bonnie Hunt/Don Lake
film & cannot recommend it too highly.
It is truly special.
The heart that went into this film
is evident in every word and every frame.
It celebrates joy for life
and friendship
in a quiet, everyman setting.
We purchased the DVD within days.
Scout has been singing the Dean Martin title song.
She is now chomping at the bit to start her Dean collection.
We're constantly exclaiming
Jesus, Mary and Joseph ~
Scout with a wonderful Irish brogue.

As I wrote in my treasury,
we need more films like this.
Run, don't walk, to find it.

earth day everyday

This one was in celebration of earth day.
Three cheers for our little blue planet.


And here is Scout's fabulous treasury
she made in honor of one of
her favorite TV shows.
Fingers are crossed that
NBC announces the fall line up
with Chuck intact.
I have to live with the girl.

ox joon

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For the history of Earth Day go HERE.
To catch up on Chuck go HERE.