9.30.12 ... photography fun on a night long ago


i am so far behind on organizing my iphoto library and blogging that today's post is a blast from the past. i took these last fall on an evening visit to the state capitol grounds in austin. this was shortly before we moved. we loved to go walking there. scout would people watch and fill sketchbook pages. and it is just a beautiful environment for photography and your soul. we usually photo the grounds and buildings but on this night i was playing around with the low light challenges. these are two of my favorites. they both capture scout's spirit which always brings me great happiness and inspiration.


i've been pondering the differences between last year's blogging and this one. i went from one extreme - posting 365 days in a row - to another - so far this year i've accumulated a mere 18 posts. i have so many topics and photos waiting for this blog. i plan to post more often this last quarter of the year. which is why i started with this one. happiness and inspiration encourage me to keep moving forward. what are your inspirations? please leave a comment below and share your joy and triumphs over your personal challenges with my readers. have a beautiful day today. 

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


9.20.12 ... besos


just some photos of my beautiful besos. 
i took these two months ago and readied them for my blog. wow. i am behind. big time. 
how was everyone's summer?


i hope you have a kitty who brings you half as much pleasure as this one brings us.

thanks for stopping by. 

until next time. 
happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon