11.01.12 ... scout flynn rider


*** we interrupt the disneyland posts to bring you a special edition***

i love that scout is still as creative and fun loving as she has always been.
18. not a speck of bah humbug here.

oh that we all could catch a piece of that.


she started off by going so far as to have me move her long awaited hair cut up a few days. 
the plan has been that she would cut her hair once she has her official college acceptance.

so it has been on hold since january.


dedication to the craft.


she had pascal and he was her first inspiration for the flynn rider choice. having always been a phoebus fan, she has a life long history of admiring the men in disney's life.
flynn was the natural identity.


now she had the chameleon and the hair. 
how did she pull off the costume?


of course she needed the soul patch.


perfect smolder.


found the great jacket (which i modified once we were home),
boots and extra belt at a local thrift store. 

and lucky us they were 50% off yesterday!
(for example the boots and belt were a whopping $1.50 each.)
the pants and blouse we had.
the satchel is crazy fate. it's a vintage coach bag i found years ago.
we use it for our movie camera bag. i removed the black 1990s camera strap
and whipped up a more natural fit
using a perfectly suited long fabric scrap.


frying pans. who knew, right?


and she, pascal and her trusty frying pan were off to music class.
they had a wonderful time. 

it was a lovely halloween. 
how was yours? 
sweet, i hope.

***i'll be back with disneyland part ii in a day or so***

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon