Favorite Things Continued

So here are the first photos of our room. It is not totally set up but this is a fine beginning as far as I am concerned. Here are more of my favorite things & their stories...

My Song & Dance Princess Framed Art Piece. You can see close up photos of this self portrait in my flying housewife listing HERE. This has been in every bedroom ~ all 13 ~ since I brought it home from my classroom. I made this collage in a matter of minutes as an example for my students for our Friday Funday Project. It was based on the book Song & Dance Man. It's holding up exceptionally well considering its construction materials & journeys.

My white rocker ~ I found this at a thrift store for $12. I thought that was a bit pricey. :) The seat needed re-caning. Evan brought it to a woman who quoted us a price of $96 or so. He tried not to laugh ~ not at her, mind you, but because he knew what my reaction would be. Years later, he bought the materials, taught himself and did it for me. It's perfect!

Of course the handmade bookcase and some of our book collection, including our precious journals. And there's more...

How groovy is this Abe Lincoln framed poster from the 1960s? This is an original and I found it a few years ago in Northampton, MA. I adore Abe and, let's be frank, a paisley hat? Does it get any better? I think not. Also here: my George & Martha hippos (Pittsburgh), my kitty cat clock (San Francisco), my $4 vintage glass lamp with my just acquired in Arlington pre-move, $4 mid-century shade, German hotel ashtray, one of my collection of sterling crosses, vintage beaded coin purse, a funky painted tile & the ever hilarious, What's Up Doc? video.

I also spy my square deck of cards in my square Westinghouse glass case, the 30+ year old Miniature Sendak Nutshell Library, one of my lovely new candles from Shelley, my Edward Gorey special edition from Jon Cody, and my Italian leather ~ brought back from Italy ~ art journals from Dusty.

You can always find new treasures and here is my most recent favorite thing, my vintage rolling table for my adorable and much revered old school kitchen sized TV with built in VCR. May it live forever. And now we can roll Dave that much closer at the end of a long day. And, on that cheery note, I end this edition of favorite things. More to come soon on this blog station. :)

PS. I update my flickr page often. To view more of my favorite things, family photos & new creations, click on the photo slide show above.


Favorite Things...from the past.
Snoopy & Woodstock

A good friend and I were talking about our favorite vintage Snoopy treasures and I had just unearthed this in my settling in process. I love hearing about and seeing people's favorite things. I will be sharing more on a regular basis. Up next...a snippet of our decor, expanding on this tiny window...with some more of my all time favorite things.

Do you have a favorite Snoopy, Woodstock or Peanuts vintage keepsake? Or a super funky earring holder from days gone by? Let us know! And, if you post a photo somewhere, all the better. Don't forget to leave the link here.
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Sundays Are Looking So Fine

Oh yes they are!

Love is better the second time around.

Yeah. I think I'll keep him.