Look Who is SWeeT SiXTeeN ...

The: .computer.on.its.last.breath.issue
is beyond frustrating. I haven't been
able to blog and missed my
Happy Birthday Scout post.

As it happens, she is sweet sixteen
as of June 8 at 2:22 PM.
We've been celebrating now for over a week
and still going strong.

So I will report again soon
once I don't have the glancing.back.

Other than the lack of our
'computer machines'
{if you haven't caught the new
show 'The Good Guys' you're missing
something glorious}
we're doing great!

Check out Scout's new
YouTube song video.
The link is on the right below.
The newest one is #3.

Scout, you are something else.

What have you all
been up to?

Until next time...