Yesterday Memory for Today

One of my all time favorites. Just a scan of a copy that has been on the fridge for about 11 years now. I will never grow tired of this photo, no matter how many times I see it. I have a large one, framed in my very first decoupage frame, in our entryway. No matter how many moves we suffer through, this looks perfect almost anywhere in each home. These are the elements of this life that sustain us, aren't they? Stay warm and dry. February is waning with the winter sun.


Oscar Night

In celebration of Hollywood I curated this treasury. Wanted to get it posted for the big night. I bet it's a gorgeous evening for the stars! If you'd like to see this on etsy click HERE! It will expire Tuesday at 6:20AM est. Evan's chicken wings, celery with homemade blue cheese dressing and I heard a rumour that he made me homemade pudding. I feeling kind of punk today. Stay warm and enjoy the night. You know who I'll be throwing an eye for, right? My Johnny!


Kay, Theo & Scout ~ Best Friends Forever

Scout is on her way through the driving snowstorm to spend the night with the MacPhail family. We met them, serendipitously, through a home school connection. We had just moved to Belmont. What can I say? It was love at first sight. What a great family and wonderful friends. Alas, this September, we moved three miles away. Our Wednesday afternoon walk to their house came to an end. That was sad. But hark! They recently sold their house! They were on a mission to find a home quickly. According to legend, the house search was somewhat predicated on its distance to 3 Plymouth Street, Arlington, MA. Or, more specifically, the locale of one Scout Wilkinson. How sweet is that? No greater compliment I say. As you can see by the photographic evidence above, this friendship is officially documented in the Mutual Admiration Society.

Aren't we the lucky ones, though? Stay warm, friends. ox



This is my TUPPENCE Treasury that I made for my Boomers and Beyond etsy Street Team. It ends Wednesday morning (02/20) at 8:37 AM and I hope you will all go have a look at the amazing array of handmade art that you can own for $5 or less! Isn't this beautiful? There's so much talent in our group and such delights to be found in each and every shop. I had the idea for this treasury quite a while ago. I plan on making more with this theme. There's plenty more moderately priced items. And all so special. You can click on this photo to see a larger image ~ so that you can see the shop items and names even after the treasury is expired and still visit our artists. Thank you all for supporting our Baby Boomers Plus group and for buying handmade ~ where the love comes for free!


Wedded Bliss

Hearts and Flowers. True Love and Romance. Valentine's Day is my unbirthday. I have always felt that was a sign. After all, I was born three weeks late. That's serious fate. And speaking of kismet...here is one of my favorite wedding photos. Evan and I were meant to be together. Our love story is so improbable and crazy. But that will have to wait for another time. We tried to get married on Valentine's Day. And Christmas before that. But, in the end, we got married on August 7th. Evan's joke is that we're still on our first date and it's true. We have not been apart since July, 1992. Happy Valentine's Day Friends and Family. I wish you all half the love that Evan and I share and you will live a fulfilled life. This is a totally objective statement.


Writing a Profile

Have you ever needed to write about yourself in a nutshell? It makes me nutty! I have been working on my flickr profile. And I decided to share a portion of it here. Just like my art, I could never have dreamed an hour ago, that this would be the end product. You gotta love that about life.

I am a writer and an artist, but primarily, I have been a homemaker and caretaker forever. I have an incredibly talented family that includes my husband and four children. I am certain my new grandson will follow suit. They are the joy of my life. Recently, I opened up my etsy shop which you can access here:


I upcycle, recycle and reuse our culture's plethora of consumer waste and discards and repurpose it into unique and useful pleasures for our future.

I love scissors. Scissors save. Scissors sculpt. Scissors satisfy. For me, they are the perfect extension of my visions. I never know when I begin a project, what the end product will be.
I love that. I am using pieces of history. Some were once cherished. Others never intended to last but for a speck of time. But both possess endless possibilities.

Who originally held them, purchased them, made them, received them as a gift, loved or despised them, tossed them aside, and why? There's a story in that trash and every story is a treasure. I can take all of that, snip it into pieces, mix it all up, and voila ~ new history.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Good night, dear readers. Thanks for the visit.

Of course, we have to end with a photo of our scuppernut. Look at that talent. I was remiss in my profile. I should have added: I am always right.


Like A Famous Person

Good Evening Friends and Family...Most of you know that I was featured in my BBEST friend, Dayna, of scottieacres, wonderful blog. And many of you whom I emailed sent back lovely comments to me and/or left one on her site. You are all so sweet and supportive and that means more to me than I can say. Such excitement! If you missed it, please click the link I just added. I just love her style. It is so well composed and clever. I am envious.

Speaking of excitement, my latest treasury, seen ---> here hit the 'HOT' spot for an entire 9 minutes!!! I have been working on more Tess creations ~ magnets and pins with Valentine themes, trying fabrics, and using discarded library books. I am loving the results. I also made a new avatar using a portion of this, one of my favorite, photographs I took it in San Francisco Christmas week, 2005.

Evan is making oatmeal cookies. Scout is drawing ~ has been all day long. I am catching up here and hoping to learn a few more tricks about blogging. Like how to get that video stream of our little famous person on here. Meanwhile, what I can do, is show you my new magnets and wish you all a good night.. ox