We LOVED WALL-E. It's Brilliant. Genius. Delightful. Beautiful. Poetic. Engaging. Entertaining. Sweet. Moving. Funny. Endearing. Timely. Unique. That it's a labor of love shines through every second. And Everybody can see it.

Run. Don't Walk. If only every film was this wonderful.

We saw it yesterday morning at 10:30 AM! That was a first for all of us. It was fabulous. Quiet. Peaceful. Nice group of people in the mostly empty theater with us. Just a pleasant experience. And I do not go to the movies. It was so perfect to us that Jon Cody, Val and Dusty said YES! We were really surprised. Serendipity never had it this good. What a welcome respite from the week I've had. Dust brought along an extra helmet so Scoutie could have a scooter ride between the movie theater and Baja Betty's (for lunch) and then on to Jon Cody's. Good Times. Noodle Salad.

Go see WALL-E. Tell me what you think. ciao! joon

P.S. I want John Lasseter to come over for dinner. Are you out there, John? I think we are twins separated at birth. Then I read you have a twin. So, OK, maybe we were triplets then. We have a cosmic connection. I'll tell you all about it over dinner. There's homemade cheesecake in it for you, too.


A little flying housewife post

I made this UTZ bag upcycled pocket for a new pen pal friend I met via my flying housewife etsy shop. Yes, some people write back to me! How fun is that? This pen pal inspired me to make this funky new creation. By now, you all know how much I LOVE to recycle and turn trash into functional art. But, guess what? There are more where I come from! Heavens to Murgatroid, can you imagine? It's so true. I would not lie to you. I had been looking at this potato chip bag for a while. I mean, look at that retro gal and the lime green base color? Irresistible. This sprang into my head and flew out on the wind across the miles. I wonder what she thinks of it? Well...what would YOU if it arrived in your mailbox? ox joon

PS. These are regional potato chips. Delicious. Support local products. Buy handmade! Be groovy! I hope this project inspires you to upcycle something from one of your local producers. If so, please let me know. I'd love to see it! Because environment is everything.


Create-a-Day Contest Prize

I'm a winner! My wonderful CAD friend, Sheasy, had a contest . Count how many unripened cherry tomatoes were in her beautiful photo. I guessed 32 and won! Woo hoo! And look what I won! I can't wait to receive my package. This is so ME. And look at the adorable felt tomato. That's one of her creations. She sells the grooviest felted handcrafted works of art in her etsy shop, SHEASY.

Now, if only I could have shared those lovely ripened tomatoes with Sheasy! My list of etsy friends continues to grow and my list of favorite etsy friends does too. Gee, I wonder why? :) Anyway...Sheasy is one of favorite etsy friends. I love her like etsy.


Tribute To My Favorite Dad

When I met Evan he was a 27 year old bachelor who, he later told me, intended to remain so. Fast forward a few months. I was 35 and had Kristoffer, 15, Dustin, 11, and Jon Cody, 7. I was in a hard place in my life. For whatever reason, Evan saw through every irrational aspect of rushing headlong into a lifelong commitment with us and our lives changed dramatically and forever for the better. I am not exaggerating when I say instant family. Evan loves to tell Scout her mom and dad are still on their first date. July 22nd we'll celebrate the 16 year old date.

We married in August, 1993. The photo above is our 1994 Holiday Greeting photo. Scout was 6 months old. It's hard to believe that the boys are grown and off on their own. Scout just turned 14 last week. We are grandparents. Kristoffer & Beckett Scuppernut are in Austin. We'll be moving there soon. Dustin, Jon Cody & Val will be with us today as we head to Ipswich to the world famous Clam Box.

Evan was a breath of fresh air that lifted us up. He's impulsive and fun loving, self sacrificing and responsible. A best friend and a great father. I don't know where I'd be today if he hadn't walked into our lives. I don't even want to imagine. Did I mention he's a good sport, too?

Happy Father's Day, Ev!
Joonie, Bear, Dust, Bode & Scoutie
Mister Jones (Chip), Besos, Cricket & Ginny


Treasury to Honor my flying housewife esty shop sellers

I curated this treasury...my first honoring my customers. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time with my joonbeam shop but didn't get around to it. I am convinced that I may have the absolute best overall feedback comments on etsy in my little brand new flying housewife shop. I am just beyond happy that I started this venture. It has been better than wonderful. Thank you all. To those without shops, if/when you open one, please let me know. I would like to make more of these every so often. I have the other four in my alternates and will switch them in later this evening. As time goes by and my feedback pool grows I will do my best to showcase everyone sometime.

To those of you visiting my blog, please stop by THIS TREASURY and visit these shops. I guarantee you will be delighted at what you find in each one. If you see this after it's expired please come visit my flyinghousewife feedback page and search their shops from there.

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you. ox joon