12.31.2012 ... calendar box

this is our version of
a 10 year calendar box.

ev made the box.
he also cut and 
date stamped every card.

scout decorated the month cards.

and special day cards.

i chose the month cards
from a vintage pack i found.

we decided to use 
a mixed color index card

this box we made
for jon cody, val & sammy baer
for Christmas.

today we are 
making our own.
ev is stamping dates as i type.

to use this memory box
you simply write the year 2013
on the first line each day.
next to it jot a phrase
about something that happened,
you created, you made for dinner,
you did for the first time...
{you get the idea}
on that day.

make it a habit.
it's easy.  really.

each year repeat this.
in 10 years you will
have a miniature
calendar journal
all in one small box.

so what are you waiting for?
you still have time to make yours.
if you need a box, you can
substitute a small fruit
box - like blueberries
and raspberries come in.

let me know 
how yours turns out.

thanks for stopping by.   
until next time. 
 happiness to you. 
from me. 
with heart.  

 ox joon


12.1.12 ... disneyland ii

i know this is a month overdue.
              but here i am, as promised.
making the collages turned out to be 
bit of a challenge and life kept getting in the way.
better late than never.  
i do like them.  
hope you enjoy them, too.

evan had to have red velvet cake.
it was delicious.

i love the cleanliness and the
wonderfully designed and 
individualized trash and recycling bins.

disney california is just
another spoonful of genius.
love it there.
we feel fortunate that we happened
to visit just before the tim burton
frankenweenie display left.

as you might expect,
it is incredible.

yes we are disnerds. 
these photos are from our second visit.

we've since gone another five times.

can't wait to go back.

and i'll return at some
point with another plethora
of photographic memories.

and this is before my new iphone
arrives.  i'll be a mad woman with
tha camera once it is in my 
hot little disney lovin' hands.

sweet dreams, everyone.  
thanks for stopping by.   
until next time.  
happiness to you. 
from me. 
with heart.   

ox joon


11.01.12 ... scout flynn rider


*** we interrupt the disneyland posts to bring you a special edition***

i love that scout is still as creative and fun loving as she has always been.
18. not a speck of bah humbug here.

oh that we all could catch a piece of that.


she started off by going so far as to have me move her long awaited hair cut up a few days. 
the plan has been that she would cut her hair once she has her official college acceptance.

so it has been on hold since january.


dedication to the craft.


she had pascal and he was her first inspiration for the flynn rider choice. having always been a phoebus fan, she has a life long history of admiring the men in disney's life.
flynn was the natural identity.


now she had the chameleon and the hair. 
how did she pull off the costume?


of course she needed the soul patch.


perfect smolder.


found the great jacket (which i modified once we were home),
boots and extra belt at a local thrift store. 

and lucky us they were 50% off yesterday!
(for example the boots and belt were a whopping $1.50 each.)
the pants and blouse we had.
the satchel is crazy fate. it's a vintage coach bag i found years ago.
we use it for our movie camera bag. i removed the black 1990s camera strap
and whipped up a more natural fit
using a perfectly suited long fabric scrap.


frying pans. who knew, right?


and she, pascal and her trusty frying pan were off to music class.
they had a wonderful time. 

it was a lovely halloween. 
how was yours? 
sweet, i hope.

***i'll be back with disneyland part ii in a day or so***

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


10.27.12 ... best week update


after 326 days in california we finally fulfilled our dream of 
bringing scout to disneyland.


here she is with her first visit pin and her sparkling new annual passport.


it's beautiful and the weather was perfect, too.



and we were ready to roll!


ev had never been to disneyland either. 
and he'd only been to disneyworld once. 
he was pretty excited.


after walking down main street u. s. a. and enjoying the sights there 
we headed right to adventure land and ...


...the tiki bird pavilion.


it was such fun seeing this attraction again after so many years. i first visited disneyworld during its premiere year and the last time i was there was spring 1983. my one and only single day disneyland visit was in spring 1985. seeing the tiki birds through ev and scout's eyes was precious. a great start.


we had a superb day.
here's scout loving her second run on autopia - a definite favorite for her.


disneyland deserves its reputation as the happiest place one earth.
i can't believe we are a mere 40 minutes away. 
the next 12 months are going to be one of our happiest years on earth!
tomorrow i will share a little bit of our second visit. 

so stay tuned. 
and i'd love to hear your disneyland or world memories. 

hope you'll leave a comment.

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon

ps: thanks to scout who took all but two of these photos.  


10.17.12 ... beach day


a few weeks ago we finally took a drive back to santa monica. we brought along our first completed chair set to take photos for ev's new mission beach woodwork etsy shop. you can visit that HERE.  but first we walked along the beach and scout spent time feeding her beloved birds.
 they are waiting just for her.


i am always picking up little beach treasures and ev is always good enough to serve as my pack mule.


here they come to meet scout and her bread bits....


... which she saved from our wonderful-as-always lunch at rae's,one of our first and favorite california finds.  especially tony who is one reason we arrange our trek only on a day he is working.


we still find it hard to comprehend that we can visit the ocean in just 30 minutes.  we hope to drive over more often now that we are finally settling in to our new california life - which still seems surreal.  that's a good thing. 
thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


10.10.12 ... icy hot bags


a few months ago i designed and stitched up some handmade hot or cold bags. ev and scout surprised me with this pretty fabric well over a year ago and i finally got around to using it. doesn't it make beautiful covers?


the bags themselves are made out of muslin and filled with rice. we stick them in the freezer in summer and over the hot spot on the stove in winter. they are nice and small. we haven't had a microwave for a few years now so i chose to make them smaller than my original bags.  i lived with those things during those freezing new england winters.


we won't have that problem here. 
it just gets a bit chilly.


they'll come in handy. 
i like them because i made them with fabric from my housemates. :)

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


10.7.12 ... reel inn


i was having fun with the camera while waiting for our delicious dinner. 
the reel inn is one of our favorite finds. 
it has a history with us.


we chanced upon it last year when we came on our scope-out-california trip. it was a beacon of light - seriously - the first night we arrived and drove up the coast from the long beach airport, hungry, tired and charting new destinies. and hungry. very hungry. we were surprised that we were driving along the ocean road and seeing pitch black. i said 'what is wrong with the world? where are the fish shacks?' and at that very second the reel inn sign flashed before us. it was a sign. literally. as we walked toward the door, i greeted an elderly couple who were leaving. they commented that they come here once a week. sometimes we do follow our fate rather well. now that we live here that memory holds an extra special place in our hearts.


wish it was closer to our house but then it might not be as novel so that's ok. and a 40 minute drive is sometimes welcome. 

where is your favorite out-of-the-way restaurant?

thanks for stopping by. until next time. happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon


10.2.12 ... eco happy napkins


i started making these muslin napkins with recycled fabric patches a while back. 
these photos are from a custom order.


the appliques are on both sides with the fabrics complimenting one another. 
it's a lot of fun choosing the bits and matching them up.


they are rather time consuming so i have decided that 
i may not continue to offer them, but, 
am giving it a little more of a trial run.


financially they may not have a sensible pay off but they are good for my creative soul. 
that's something. do you have conflicted feelings about your projects and ideas?


i'll be back again in a few days with either tales from the road or workshop.

thanks for stopping by. until next time. 
happiness to you. from me. with heart. 

ox joon