Saving Linus, Saving Memories

Tenderly repaired forever in our hearts ~ with a smile

Leaving Christmas behind is always a melancholy time for us, which is not as sad as it sounds. It's comforting to know that all of us in our little family hold exceptionally fond memories of every Christmas we've shared. It's not anything earth shattering, the way we celebrate. In fact, we're pretty low key. We don't do anything extravagant. No Nutcracker. No trips to ski lodges or the Hawaiian beaches. Our gifts are mostly handmade or thrift store finds and not many of those. We enjoy the little things that, for the most part, defy definition or explanation. Special recipes, cooking together, playing games, listening to Christmas music nonstop for 3 weeks.

Decorating the house with our small holiday treasures is something we look forward to the most. I think it's because we tend to find ourselves in a different house each year, but these special finds we make along the way show up like clockwork each year once that beautiful Christmas tree enters our home.

So, here's the little story of Linus. We have a set of Peanuts Gang ornaments. They don't go on the tree. They stand on a base of 'snow' surrounding Woodstock perched on the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the center. I think they are from 1994-ish. Years ago poor Linus lost his head. Too precariously affixed to his body I believe. We have fixed him so many times, with no luck. So, this year, before packing him away, I resorted to the unattractive but most sensible fix - the glue gun. He needed some heft. But I didn't want the glue detracting from his look, and hence, our memory keepsake. So, I decided to give him a cozy scarf and it turns out we all love him better this way anyway. Besides, it cracks us up. And laughter is the best medicine. We all know that.

Looking forward to smiling at him upon his return 11 months from now. Sweet dreams, Linus.

Until next time.



Dena said...

Joonie, This did make me smile and remember all the good times we have shared with our family at Christmas. Our most treasured gifts are handmade and thrift finds also.

So glad Linus will now be able to enjoy next year's holiday celebrations without losing his head. I love his little scarf and I just know he does too :)

On a Whimsey said...

Great post!

We have items made by the kids over the years from playschool, kindergarten that have seen a far better day but Christmas would never be the same without all our keepsake memories!

Zuda Gay Pease said...

Just what Linus needed to keep his head on and his neck warm. Sweet post, MadiJoon!

Beth said...

Sweet story

Judi B said...

Loved reading this! Linus looks adorable with his little scarf!

Julie G. said...

Joonie, that is so sweet. Like you, I love putting out the little things collected over the years. Some of the things the kids made when they were little are still in tact and the most precious. A few of my things have lost a body part here and there too.