A Little Idea That Turned Out Sweet

One of my short term storage solutions.
This works incredibly well.
If you have an art room the size of a closet
like I do, you should try this.
I wish I'd thought of it so much sooner.

Isn't it cute, too?

I LoVe finding justification
for my nutty passion
of saving vintage boxes.

Until next time...


PS. BIG NEWS in my next post. Stay tuned. :)


Unknown said...

joonbeam... i read your blog everyday, awaiting more posts, longing for more little peeks. i know one small piece of your world inside and out, and can't wait for more. until later- 1+eggs

joon said...

I know I have not been blogging like I would love to be but my poor old computer is on its last legs and I haven't been able to use it consistently and dependably. I will try extra hard for now and hopefully by the fall we can manage a new one - problem solved. Please keep looking and thanks for your lovely comment. It helps knowing someone reads what I post. ox joon