On Top Of The World

It's Been A While.
I agree.
Since I've seen you
And you've seen me.

My laptop failed.
And Scout's did too.
It's been hot as hell
With too much to do.

But finally
I'm back on line.
Two brand new Macs,
We're feelin' fine.

I read that blogging
Has jumped the shark.
Luckily for me
I excel in the dark.

So let's get this party started...
From New York,
the greatest city in the world...

Top of the Rock with Scout

We just returned from a
fabulous Two Week Trip
to our favorite city.
Scout attended a teen acting
conservatory and we tagged along.

What an adventure.
We have only been to NYC
in 1992, 2004 & 2005
for no more than three days
at a time.

I spent more time than
even I can imagine
researching for this trip.
We walked for miles
in the heat, we ate meal
after beautiful meal,
we saw wonderful sights
and we met the nicest,
friendliest, genuinely caring
and helpful people
you could ever hope to meet.
We made new friends.

Ev is calling me
Crocodile Dundee.

I did talk to everybody
and anybody.

As you might guess
after that last sentence,
there's too much to post
all at once.
Top of the Rock
was one of my favorite
experiences and I love
this impromptu video.

Hope you will too.
Stay tuned for
more tales and photos.

I am back.



Beth said...

Love the adventures of the Wilkensons...Can't for more. Glad your NYC trip was memorable.

Chauncey said...

I hope you do an entire post about the yummy desserts found at that diner. Holy Moly, Batman. They were to die for.

Unknown said...

What a coincidence...I myself was recently in NYC and met a couple of the nicest, friendliest, genuinely caring and helpful people I've met in a long while. What a small world. Glad to hear you are home safe.